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Ground rocket MAX K65

MAX K65 is our smallest piercing tool. It is very easy to use and very lightweight. As each of our machine, it also has a remote control via a pneumatic valve in lubricator.MAX K65 is very popular in electrical and telecom connections, especially to PE, PCV pipes diameter 50 mm. As our other machines, MAX K65 has very high precision and speed.


▪ make a hole diameter [mm] - ø65;
▪ inserting PE, PCV pipes directly behind the machine [mm] - ø50, ø63;
▪ inserting PE, PCV pipes manually with expanding tools [mm] - ø25-55.


▪ diameter of the machine [mm] - ø65;
▪ length of the machine [mm] - 1366;
▪ weight [kg] - 22.5;
▪ compressed air consumption [m3/min] - from 0.8 (recommended 1.m3/min);
▪ air pressure [atm] - 7.

Basic set include:

▪ MAX K65S mole;
▪ control power supply hose 20 mb;
▪ lubricator with control panel;
▪ set of tools (2 pcs);
▪ oil EkoMAX 5l.